Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Simple Tricks for Overcoming Dental Anxiety Forever

Posted by Yoon Choi on Feb 27 2023, 01:10 AM

Dental fear is a common condition that affects most people. It stops people from visiting the dentist for regular checkups and treatments. This can result in severe dental problems, which may require costly treatments. If you have a dental phobia, this blog can help you.

Speak up about your fears

Your dentist’s office should welcome your concerns about treatment. Ask your dentist to explain any aspects of treatment that worry you. He or she should be willing to explain things you need and want to know. Remember, it’s your health at stake! Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to feel safe.

Even if you’ve been to the dentist before and are dealing with a different concern this time, you should bring it up with your dentist. For example, if you have had pain in the past and fear a repeat experience, tell your dentist about your past and your concerns for the future.

A skilled and experienced dentist should be able to help you understand the procedure being performed and why it’s important. With good communication, you can alleviate your fears and feel more comfortable with the procedure.

Agree on a signal

We recommend agreeing on a signal that will let the dentist know you need a break or need to be distracted for a moment. This can prevent you from feeling embarrassed about your fears and concerns. 

Bring a distraction

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary or anxiety-inducing. If you’ve put off going to the dentist because you’re fearful, consider these tips to help ease your dental fear. For instance, bring a distraction. Listening to music, reading a book, and watching a TV show can all help to take your mind off the procedure being completed.

You may also want to consider bringing someone to help you relax and to assist you if you need to get up during your appointment. Having them there may also help to calm you down as well.

Consider sedation dentistry

Finally, if you truly can’t handle a procedure because of anxiety, you may want to consider sedation dentistry. It won’t make you fall asleep, and it will allow you to relax so you can receive the dental care you need. It can also help to keep you calm if you’re getting more than one procedure done during a single appointment.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a pill before your appointment to make you feel more relaxed and less anxious. You will still be awake and able to respond to the dentist, but you will be much less anxious while getting the treatment you need. Nitrous oxide is another sedation that is inhaled through a mask. Feel free to ask your dentist if you’re a good candidate for conscious sedation.

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